George Town and District Historical Society Inc.
Promoting the History of the George Town District

Tamar Valley Tasmania

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The Society has published several booklets and CDs which are available for purchase from the Historical Society.
With the addition of postage items can be forwarded by mail.

    Latest Publications

    The popular Lefroy - Tasmania’s Forgotten Gold Town book is still available. Priced at $30 it is available from the Society and the following outlets - Petrarchs, Launceston, NewXpress, George Town, Low Head Pilot Station Museum, George Town Information Centre and the Watch House.

    Convict Lives at the George Town Female Factory.
    The book edited by well known author Alison Alexander and published by Convict Women’s Press is a collection of stories about female convicts who spent time in the Female Factory at George Town between the years 1822 and 1834.

    The book is the fourth in the series, the others being the Cascades, Ross and Launceston all of which are available at the Watch House Museum, Low Head Pilot Station Museum and from the Society.

    For further information click on Convict Lives.

    Macquarie’s George Town.
    George Town celebrated it’s 200th birthday on Dec 18th 2011 and the Society published a handy, informative booklet which discusses the:

    - early settlement of Outer Cove.
    - establishment of George Town.
    - Bigge Commission.
    - Macquarie’s second visit to George Town.
    - return of headquarters back to Launceston.
    - legacy of Macquarie’s town.
    - short biographies of Governor Macquarie, Elizabeth his wife and John Bigge.

    The publication which doesn’t date is available from the Historical Society, George Town Watch House and the Low Head Pilot Station Museum for $2.00.

    Email for further information.

Books: Society published


Treasures of George Town (5 plus $8)


Oral Histories of George Town


The Other Half of History (Conference Papers)


Crime on the High Seas (Conference Papers)


Macquarie’s George Town (Booklet)


Books on the George Town District by other authors:


Free Too by Chris Thiele      


George Town History of Town and District by Jack Branagan   


In The Wake Of Bass and Flinders by Bern Cuthbertson        


James of George Town by Graeme Broxam                           


An Eligible Situation by Diane Phillips                                 


Rotary Club of George Town - Fiftieth Anniversary Edition       


Lefroy - Tasmania’s Forgotten Gold Town.                                    


The Story of the Anglican Parish of George Town by Peter Cox


Charles Robbins RN by Elynor Olijnik                                 


Convict Lives by Convict Women’s Press - Cascades Vol 2   


Convict Lives by Convict Women’s Press - Ross


Convict Lives by Convict Women’s Press - Launceston


Convict Lives by Convict Women’s Press - George Town


Only in Tasmania Book 1 by Sandra Huett




Tamar Valley Signal Station                                                 


Holidays in George Town                                                     


Gold Mining at Lefroy                                                         


Regent Square